Friday, December 10, 2010

Prayers please =(


I need your prayers please for strenght. My poor prayer buddy is having a difficult case!

Since yesterday I have been having very, very heavy bleeding.

I had a very unsual cycle last time with a lot of variable return of peak type mucus, unusual bleeding and tons of PMS. My period started 2 days ago and yesterday I started to bleed a lot, much more than normal. I had to change pads every 2 hours or more and when I was unable I soaked right through them. I left marks on the car and in a restaurant. Horrible and embarrasing.

Since my miscarriage my cycles have gone from bad to horrible. I am so frustrated and sad.

Also I received results from all my blood work of my miscarriage: I do not have any recurrent miscarriage dangers (no factor Leiden, protein C, etc) which is great news, BUT my thyroid is again a mess. Below or way below most measurements even on medication.

I feel so utterly defeated.

This heavy bleeding has never happened to me. I called PPVI and they told me it was very limited what they could do for me long distance and if this continued to go to the ER this afternoon. I panicked.
They told me they would call back, but to be ready to speak with a local doctor ASAP.

Well it has since diminished to normal, but I feel horrible, very weak and dizzy.

I called my local amazing 83 year old Catholic ob/gyn, a saint, who told me that I will need to do an U/S on Monday to see if there are still a traces of my miscarriage. As I write this I cry, my heart breaks all over again.

I called my mom and started crying. My DH is on his way.

I do not have any strenght to go back to the same hospital where we received the news of the death of Miguel, where I had the D&C and where I had to stay 4 days due to horrible bleeding and complications.

Yet he told me its where they have the very best equipment to do the U/S and my prior tests. I will need to go.

And if they find again somehthing I do not know how I will bear it.

Why God?

All the feelings from my miscarriage have filled my heart once more. I cry like the day we were told the news.


  1. Oh, I'm so, so sorry! :( This must be so scary and heartbreaking. I'm praying for you!

  2. Oh, no. I am so sorry. I will be praying for you, dear sister in Christ.

  3. Thank you. thank you for your prayers. This weekend is the Feast of our Lady of Guadalupe so I know I will be under Her protection, yet its so very hard on a human level.

  4. I'm so sorry, prayers go out to you!

  5. Oh lovely woman! Please don't cry! So sorry you're going through this :(
    I will be praying for you! Seems like a rough week for so many. Sending hugs and prayers your way...

  6. I am so sorry. Praying for you.

  7. I am so sorry you are going through this. Prayers rare on their way to you.

  8. Oh no, I am so sorry! I am praying so hard for you!

  9. I am so sorry. May you be consoled and held in the bosom of our Blessed Mother as she pleads with her son for healing. Bl. Miguel Pro, pray for us!

  10. I'm sorry and will definitely petition our Lord to give you strength. Your love and respect for the littlest life is such a beautiful gift. May you be comforted in your sorrow and find healing soon.