Thursday, December 2, 2010

Wheat and a powerful Prayer buddy

Today I am shaken for several reasons. Its has been a very profound day.

Yesterday I was seeing weeds everywhere, but today God showed me that alonside the weeds exists wheat.

First I started the day on my way to work being hit from behind by a car and spent my morning in the hospital.

I was stuck in a small street when a girl driving a small van hit my car, also a small van. She was distracted and hit my car hard. Very hard.

My brand new car. Three weeks old.

The street had a very pronunced incline so she hit me with more force than normal, even if she was going slow. I was so very surprised that I even thought it was me who had hit a car.

I moved to the side and she came out looking so very shaken. People started honking hard and looking for a way to pass us. It was exactly rush hour.

She expected for me to come out screaming at her. She was ready to be screamed at. A normal reaction in the middle of very busy traffic.

And instead I came out touching my neck telling her not to worry. For some reason I felt truly sorry for her. I felt the need to comfort her. She was so very very worried.

My neck went back and forth during the crash and I was touching it so she was scared she had hurt me very badly and I was thinking she had.

She was a lawyer and offered to help me in any way she could. She could have excused herself, but she did not. She was truly sorry and accepted that it was fully her fault. She acted like a true lady.

She could have escaped easily and not taken responsability, or excused herself or just called the insurance company or used her lawyer ways to try to get out of a possible big mess. Yet I saw true humanity.

We built a moment of peace in the middle of a very busy and conflicting city. A city much larger than NY. The largest in the world.

The interesting thing is that everybody expected me to be very mad and for her to make excuses in order not to get sued. My brand new car and my neck were damaged by the distraction of another person.

But somehow I felt peace and the need to give it to her. And she the need to accept full responsability knowing full well as a lawyer that this would put her in a risky position. She was pure wheat.

My prayer buddy must be very powerful.

Then in the hospital I was taken for x-rays. They thought I had damaged my shoulder and my neck so they wanted to make sure what the problem was.

I was feeling very sorry for myself thinking that my DH and I had been in hospitals in and out all of last year and this due to IF treatments (2 laps and 1 varicolcele surgery), miscarriage complications (one D&C and one 4 day hospital stay) and one nose operation for my DH and 2 hospital stays for various issues. ...I counted at least 8 times in this time frame. Wow!!

It made me very sad. I felt that God was being very hard on us. Then....

As I was waiting I sat there listening to a woman speak to a doctor. She was pushing a very old man, clearly very sick in a wheelchair. They looked very poor in this very, very rich hospital.

She was explaining to the doctor that she was not a member of this man´s family and that he did not have money, nor insurance (this hospital takes in a certain % of pro bono patients), yet she was taking care of him.

She had contacted some grand nephews of the man to help out, but she had said they had told her they could not help, so she, the neighbor could not abandon him.

I was blown away. She was fighting for him to have great care without any need to.

Then they passed me and I saw this mans face. Deformed by a tumor. With an eye almost out of the socket.

I no longer felt sorry for myself.

Two moments where God was clearly present. In a crash and in a hospital.

Yesterday I was seeing only weeds. Today I saw the wheat. A woman taking full responsability and truly worried about another and a neighbor acting like a true neighbor should.


  1. Wow!! God is always right there, isn't He? Amazing! Beautiful post. I am so glad you were not badly hurt...

  2. Gack! Oh my goodness, I hope you are okay! What a mess. Glad your PB was offering up for you:)

  3. Sorry about the accident and your car! I'm glad to hear you weren't badly hurt and the other driver accepted full responsibility.

  4. Gosh, you are such a good writer. You have me hanging on every word, every post. I am so sorry to hear about your wreck. I hope that you heal well and that you don't have too much soreness from this. I always try to think positively with things like this...Thank goodness the wreck was with this nice lady and not some mean person. Also, I am so happy that your eyes were opened in this way in the hospital. Beautiful! Blessings love

  5. So sorry about your wreck, and so thankful that you're okay and everyone else is too...also very happy that you're able to keep such a great attitude through everything and to see the blessings in life!!!

  6. First I'm so sorry that you got hit! I hope you heal quickly.

    Secondly, how beautiful for you to realize God's presence in moments where many people I blinded by their ownselces. I'm working on being more like that! You're quite an inspiration!! :)

  7. Your posts are always so eloquent and beautifully written. This is a great story of a beatiful moment in the midst of a bad situation. God bless you for handling it with such grace. I hope your neck feels better soon!